Final Strategic Plan Two-Part Assignment (Word and PowerPoint) No Plagiarism

I am currently in a graduate master’s level course that is titled “Strategic Planning & Implementation” management course and am needing some help on a following research word document and PowerPoint Presentation (two-part assignment) of a “former employer” of mine; included web links below about the “OhioHealth” hospital medical organization that I used to work for and also must include the following:

Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components (have “five” previous works assignments based on my chosen organization (OhioHealth) posted below) and incorporates instructor feedback. The strategic recommendations will be evaluated, and the best options chosen for recommendation. Must be structured as given a professional presentation to a Board of Directors with regards to your chosen organization’s strategic plan. The final strategic plan contains the following for word document and PowerPoint presentation for what both needs to include, but structured differently:

Topics listed below pertain to both Word Document and PowerPoint Presentation. Attached are my previous assignments based on my former employer of the OhioHealth Organization (web links of organization posted below). The “Executive Summary” is not included in these previous assignments, along with the “Company Background” and “Conclusion” portion that will have to get written up “differently” for both Word and PowerPoint Presentation.

Also, for PowerPoint Presentation, needs to include “detailed speaker notes” of the topics listed below; we have to create anywhere from 25-to-35 slides based on our previous topics from my previous assignments attached (five attached below); however, they cannot necessarily be word-for-word pulled from those previous research word document attachments, and has to be setup as giving a professional presentation to a Board of Directors. PowerPoint slides have to contain anywhere from 2-4 short-bullet subtitle topics.

The topics not included in my previous word document attachments based on my former employer of the OhioHealth organization (web links posted below) are the “Executive Summary,” “Company Background,” and “Conclusion” portions that will have to get written up differently for each two-part assignment. A “Reference” slide and within word document has to be included with direct web links of three or more peer-reviewed sources used.

About OhioHealth:

OhioHealth Who We Are:

For both assignments (Word & PowerPoint) per instructor request, No Plagiarism and will be checked for both assignments; include proper APA citations in both word and speaker notes of PowerPoint Presentation; For references in both assignments, must include three or more peer-reviewed sources (as in more than one author used) and “direct web links” of where the cited sources is from. Also, include for both assignments (Word & PowerPoint) proper headings and sub-title headings based on topics listed below.

Also, pertaining to PowerPoint Presentation part of this assignment, instructor request to include some graphs and charts done up professionally based on some of those chosen topics, APA cited, when giving a presentation to a Board of Directors done professionally.

Assignment Instructions Topics for both Word & PowerPoint:

  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary (350 to 700 words or more)-not included in previous assignment attachments
  • Company Background-not included in previous assignment attachments
  • Mission Statement-detailed with relevant examples
  • Vision Statement-detailed with relevant examples
  • Value Statement-detailed with relevant examples
  • Environmental Scan-detailed with relevant examples
  • Internal and External Environmental Analysis-detailed with relevant examples
  • Strategic Recommendation-detailed with relevant examples
  • Implementation Plan-detailed with relevant examples
  • Organizational Change Management Strategies-detailed with relevant examples
  • Risk Management Plan-detailed with relevant examples
  • Conclusion-not included in previous assignment attachments; needs to be detailed to sum up presentation
  • References-APA format to include three or more peer-reviewed references (as in more than one author).

Create a 25- to 35-slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes (APA citations used) to present the strategic plan, combining all relevant elements from previous weeks. The objective is to sell the strategic plan to investors or company directors.

Format assignments according to APA guidelines.

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