Find an article from a scholarly source that relates to

Find an article from a scholarly source that relates to the multi-hat challenge from the book. Use the article information to add something new to this discusion “A person that I know that exemplifies a characteristic in a challenge would be in the Multi-hat challenge. She is the COO of a healthcare company and helps manage multiple facilities, is the person that hires and trains new employees and fixes the physician’s and nurses’ schedules. She is also the go-to person when something is wrong and needs fixing. She did not automatically gain this position from the start, she worked her way by learning new skills and going beyond her regular position to get to where she is currently at. Her way of leadership impacts me personally by trying to strive more and do more than what I think I can handle. It impacts others as well to keep learning new skills and gain new experiences because you never know when there could be more opportunities out there for you’.

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