follow the instructions carefully sports management two assignments


my major is sports management and I want to be a coach or assistance coach in soccer this is personal management and let me know if you need more information and do your best please

Assignment 1 Annotated Bibliography/ Please adhere to the My Sample annotated Bibliography for how to construct the document in Course Materials. You will need a minimum of 10 scholarly peer-reviewed sources.


Assignment 2 research proposal/

For your outline develop. Please adhere to the APA style and utilize the sample I provided in the course materials. The outline is the skeleton to your paper. Therefore, please make your title page, thesis statement, headings, and subheadings highlight what the text will be talking about in your research paper.

Research Outline Proposal

A research outline proposal (at least 2 pages, Title Page is NOT numbered but counts ) is a plan or research design that covers:

1. Your research question/area of interest

2. A brief evaluation of the career field (From the 5 listed from your syllabus as we have discussed)

3. The methods and data you plan to employ to answer your researchquestion/area of interest

4. Limitations (SWOT Analysis)

5. What you hope to achieve with this research (implications for your field)

From the Sample I gave you in the course materials you should have

A Title Page



Thesis statement

Definition of Terms

Audience (list potential interviewers in your career field; for example, District Managers, Athletic Directors, etc.)

APA style


I attached my SMARTS GOALS and scholarly resources and I attached Annotated Bibliographies and my professor sample for annotated bibliographies and research proposal rubric

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