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STUDENT 1: April

Before getting into the example, I think it is first important to understand the terms Initial Operational Capability and Full Operational Capability. Initial Operational Capability means when selected units and/or organizations in the force structure scheduled to receive a new system have received it and have the ability to employ and maintain itFull Operational Capability means the program has reach the level of full maturity.The example that I will cite for this weeks’ forum relates to the Air Force’s F-35A aircraft. The first question asks, has the capability been declared IOC and the answer to this questions is yes, the F-35A is declared IOC. The next question that the forum asks is what criteria where met to make this declaration possible?The F-35A was declared Initial Operational Capability for the following reasons: has enough operations aircrafts (12), has enough trained pilots and maintainers and support equipment to perform operational missions using the systems of record. The next question relates to if the F-35A has received Full Operational Capability. The answer to this questions is no, the F-35A has not yet been declared Full Operational Capability. Since the F-35A has not yet received the Full Operational Capability, there is still work to be done. Over the next several months, the F-35A is performing exercises at Air Force bases in Utah to test the capabilities of the aircraft. In addition to this step, the Air Combat Command and the Air Force will work hand in hand with all interested parties (both domestic and international) to ensure the F-35A is progressing to receiving the Full Operational Capabilities.This is slated to occur in FY 2018.


The Initial operational Capability (IOC) is important in the acquisition process. It is a key factor in the production and deployment phase as it means that the function has met the minimum standards that the mission is capable of doing. This phase is also important because it allows for refinements to be made before it goes into the full Operational Capability (FOC) phase. It is in the FOC that a system is delivered to the warfighter knowing that the system is maintained and can meet the needs that were established. You can find the defined mission capabilities of a FOC in the Capability Development Document (CDD) and the Capability production Document (CPD) Capability Production Document (CPD) (“Full Operational Capability (FOC)”, 2018).

A recent capability that was identified by the navy and now has requirements for is a new frigate .Identified as the Guided Missile Frigate replacement Program or FFG(X); the intent is to build a new warship with air defense capabilities. The requirements entail having different weapon systems, radars and combat systems. A specific capability that the navy is looking for in the new frigid are in the form of a vertical launch system (VLS). The interesting thing about this kind of system is that it is new and has a great amount of restrictions associated with it that in the bidding phase two major contractors dropped out. Within the next two years the system will be built and if the missile systems are able to meet the IOC of a self-defense launcher able to meet the standards of being a self-reliant armed shipped it will meet the FOC standard phase and be delivered to the navy for real time use.


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