Frequency modulation, digital signal compression, assignment help

Frequency Modulation (FM) is: [select all that apply]


Select all that apply: digital signal compression…


Most populous areas have hundreds of radio signals traveling through the air. It is possible to listen to just one because: [choose all that apply]


Which are true about data capacity of a channel?


Creating and Sending data:

Estimate much data (in bytes) is required by the following activities (show your work!)

A) a tweet (max 140 characters)
B) a 10 page paper (just the characters in the text, not the formatting)
C) a 30 second recorded phone message (uncompressed)

A 1 Megabyte file needs to be transmitted, but the available capacity is only 100 kilobits/second. How long will it take to transmit the file?


A radio wave is transmitted with a power of 100 Watts and can be received at distances of up to 20 miles. How much power would be required to be received at a distance of 40 miles?


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