Fundamentalism and Modernity Response Paper, Writing Assignment Homework Help

Is fundamentalism a modern phenomenon or not?

Based on the assigned readings and discussions in lectures, provide a compelling argument for either claim. Make sure to provide working definitions on what modernity and fundamentalism are according to what you have come to believe after the lectures and the readings. This is significant because you will see that different authors might have competing definitions on both. It is crucial that you demonstrate us that you have understood the assigned readings and relevant authors’ discussions on these subjects. 

Must based on the readings and lecture slides(I’ve uploaded below).

Your paper should be well-structured, proof-read and 2 pages.


2.Ruthven, Malise. 2004. Fundamentalism: The Search for Meaning. Chapter 1-7

3.Hurd-Secularism and Islam-2009

4.Lucero-Friction Conversion Contention-2015, and lecture slides.) 

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