Handling Culturally Diverse Patients, health and medical assignment help

Handling Culturally Diverse Patients

Mrs. Abdul has recently emigrated from the Middle East to live with her daughter and son-in-law. The Abdul family has started coming to the clinic you work at as a Medical Administrative Assistant for care over the past 4 months. You have noticed that they have arrived late for all of their appointments to date. They have arrived again late for their appointment today and seem reluctant to answer many of the questions that are asked. Also, it is observed that Mrs. Abdul allows her daughter to speak for her most of the time. Based on some preliminary testing that was conducted, Dr. Jones is concerned that Mrs. Abdul may have cancer, but must do some further diagnostic testing to be sure.

Based on the scenario, what information should the medial staff be aware of to help them interact effectively with the patient? Are there specific guidelines they should follow in terms of cultural diversity? If so, what would those be? Must have 2 referances

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