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Conceptualization of leadership has changed over time due to the many classifications almost 65, has been developed to define the leadership in different dimensions. This classification of leadership have been done through some people giving classifications of the leadership based on what some definitions say about leadership. For instance, Bass, suggests that some people define leadership as being the focus of the group processes which means the central person in the group is the leader. Another conceptualization of leadership is the one that defines leadership as a personal perspective which means that leadership is a combination of given characteristics that a leader has. Other scholars have defined leadership as an act of behavior, power relationship, the transformational process and leadership defined from the skills perspective.

Leadership and management are different in such a way that their functions are not quite similar as.The main functions of management are to organize and bring order in the organization so as to make the organization run effectively and efficiently whereas leadership main role is to bring a change to an organization. The management also aims at bringing order and stability to the organization, unlike leadership whose focus is to bring constructive and adaptive changes to the organization. The activities of management are hence carried out differently than that of leadership which are both needed for an organization to effectively carry out its roles.

Yes, I think the changes in the way leadership has been defined and studied have influenced the practice of leadership in healthcare organization as the leaders in the health organization who have power, influence the people they deal with. For instance, doctors and other health providers have the ability to influence their client’s attitudes

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Thank you for this insightful post. When you mentioned about doctors and nurses having the ability to influence the clients’ attitudes, beliefs and actions, are you referring to effect of coaching that they can do during counseling or the “expert” power reference that exists between healthcare professionals and their clients, or just the positive relationship (if established) in general? I am interested to know other’s perspective in terms of this healthcare provider-patient relationship, especially as it applies to compliance (to medical recommendations) issues. While I was reading to the Action Coaching book, I was wondering if action coaching is applicable in that scenario. Nowadays, healthcare professionals who do counseling (say for lifestyle-related diseases), they are trained to do “coaching” more than the traditional counseling.


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