Hello there, I need some help for this very easy and fun MGT335 (Human Capital Management) activity please


We discussed human capital planning – determining staffing needs, gauging the supply and demand of labor, and responding to worker shortages and surpluses.  We also discussed the process of downsizing – or reducing labor costs through the elimination of jobs.

Read the following article from SHRM – the Society for Human Resource Management – about downsizing.

Article – Managing Employees in a Downsized Environment – SHRM – 2022.pdf Download Article – Managing Employees in a Downsized Environment – SHRM – 2022.pdf 

Submit a 250-word essay that describes your top two takeaways.  Explain why you selected these two takeaways.

Essays will be graded based upon spelling, grammar, insight, and flow of the essay.  Essays must be written with MS Word and must be double spaced.

Submit your essay via this assignment no later than 11:59 PM Friday September 30.

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