Hello tutor. Pease help me answer these questions below. I am…

Question Answered step-by-step Hello tutor. Pease help me answer these questions below. I am… Hello tutor. Pease help me answer these questions below. I am trying to get in to the DNP-FNP program and I want to answer these with all the best I can. I really want to get into the DNP-FNP program and answers to these questions will be the basis if i get in or not. Please help me put my thoughts into great answers that will help me get inPlease answer the below questions briefly: 1. How do you know you are ready for doctoral study? I know that I am ready because there is a burning desire within me to get into the doctoral of nursing program. I know and I can feel that it is my calling. I am physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially ready. I have all the support and motivation now more than I ever had before. Also to add, I know i am ready to for my doctoral when I had my baby. I have undergone so many challenges just to have my miracle baby. Ive had 3 surgeries, etc all the mental physical emotional challenges just to have my baby. Thank God i have him thru IVF.I was just like, I am ready for anything after I had him. I want to be the best of who I am for my baby. I want to be the best example for him and motivate him to be at his best when he grows up. I want him to do a lot of outreach programs jsut like what i plan to when i get my DNP. I just want to be the best of who i am for him.2. What is your experience with online learning? Name 1 challenge and 1 benefit to online education.I have completed multiple continuing education modules online to keep my self up to date with the current evidence based practice. I love to read online medical journal. One challenge i know is how to keep yourself motivated learning online. You must have that will power to learn when you do online education. One benefit of online education i know is to be able to learn at your time. More flexibility with time. 3. You will need to find at least 2 new preceptors for clinical experiences; how is your ability to network in your own community?I don’t know how to answer this. But I have worked as a RN for 10 years in the bay area and I have met a lot of coworkers and colleagues. 4. What are your plans to complete the 3 semesters of clinical placement that require your schedule to be open and flexible?I plan to study full time to complete 3 semesters of clinical placement. I want to focus on the last year of my DNP school and make the best of all my clinical hours. I want to have as much experience and knowledge I can to be able to be the provide the best quality care I can. I have all the support I will be needing. I worked a lot when my husband is going for his RN. Now my husband is ready to take full responsibility to support me in going for my DNP. I also have my parents who is there to take care of my baby fulltime(i’m not sure if i need to indicate this).5. Where do you see yourself working after graduation?I see myself working at a hospital as a clinician/family care provider. I also see myself providing education to aspiring nurses, masteral or DNP. I commit myself in doing outreach programs. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 2 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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