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Your fourth essay is your reflection on the skills you have learned this semester in our class.  Because you are writing about your own learning or development as a writer, you can use first person or I.  However, limit the used in your paper. Do not use second person or you/ your.  Otherwise, the assignment requires a four or five paragraph formal essay.

The introduction should be about the importance of writing for the college setting.  The last sentence in the introduction will be the thesis.  The thesis will list two or three ways that your writing has improved during this course.  THINK!!!  What have you learned about formal writing for the academic setting of college?

Your two or three body paragraphs will begin with transitions and will include the main point or way your writing has improved.  Include specific examples.

Your conclusion will wrap up your essay.  You can provide a brief summary or re-emphasize the important of writing in the college setting.


Be sure to have at least 400-600 words in your assignment.

Be sure to remain formal in tone –

Be sure to have an interesting introduction-

Be sure your introduction ends with your thesis – the main ideas discussed in your 2 or 3 body paragraphs.

Be sure to have a thoughtful conclusion.

Be sure to follow the guidelines of an MLA assignment:


PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!

1) Outline must be complete

2) Essay must have a thesis statement

3) I have posted the things we learned about in this course below if you are unsure please google them.

Things we learned in this course:

1) Word Choice / Homonyms

2) how to avoid illogical shifts

3)  how to correctly use pronouns in your writing

4) Apostrophes

5) Run-Ons and Comma Splices

6) Verbs – Tenses, Irregular

7) Writing Compound and Complex Sentences

8) Avoiding Colloquial or Informal Writing

9) Parallel thesis statements

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