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Stan Douglas: Revealing Narratives

@ The Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art

Exhibition/Artwork Critique Assignment

Due April 22nd – in class/print

Worth: 25%*15% + a short artwork response assignment worth 10% based on the next outing*


Please write an exhibition critique of 750 words; max. 1000 words (roughly 3 pages doubled-spaced).

I want you to address the theme(s) and stylistic influences seen in the photographic works of Stan Douglas, Please refer to, and provide a formal analysis & interpretation (meaning), for two specific photographs of your choice (featured in the exhibition). Your critique should also address the online presentation, and how this format affected (or not) your appreciation of the artworks.

Your review should include:

• Description

• Analysis

• Evaluation

Description: tell the reader about the exhibition (theme, subject), about the exhibition/curatorial context (setting and choices related to the virtual/online presentation of artworks/exhibition experience), and about the workshop activity.

Analysis: Provide formal analysis for two photographs of your choice + your interpretation of the works supported by evidence (sources). * Make sure to identify/refer to the two series of works featured in the exhibition.

Evaluation: tell the reader whether the exhibition was interesting/compelling despite not seeing it in person, did the online presentation help you to understand or appreciate the artworks, and did the workshop activity help you understand the conceptual element behind both series of photographs/Stan Douglas’s work?

Style Guidelines – Checklist:

3 pages (750 words; max. 1000), typed & double-spaced (plus works cited page)

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

Correct MLA formatting for college essays

Correct MLA citations for sources consulted – you must use/cite 2 sources

Works Cited Page in correct MLA formatting
Image of your chosen artworks (including correct image citations)

A full formal image citation looks like this


Artist (where available), Title, Date. Medium, Dimensions. Collection, Location (where possible)

Using Sources

You will need to consult two sources of information, such as the audioguide, artists statements, the exhibition brochure, information given during the online presentation, or interviews with the artist(s) or curators. How does this additional information change or deepen your understanding of the exhibition?

Some tips

Think about the meaning and purpose of the exhibition and the artworks, for example:

• Why are the art works ordered or arranged this way?

• Does a particular artwork stand out from the rest?

• Is there a theme or a subtext to the exhibition?

• You might also consider what’s missing?

• How is this exhibition different from others you’ve seen?

• What effect does the layout of the exhibition, and presentation/organization of the artworks have on the viewer’s (your) experience?

Suggestions for structuring content of your response:

• A title that engages the reader

• An opening paragraph that informs the reader of the subject (name of artist(s), exhibition title, time period and subject matter/theme(s) covered)

• A paragraph that goes into further detail about the theme, purpose, idea or scope of the exhibition + installation/online presentation & layout of artworks

• A paragraph or two dedicated to the specific examples you choose to analyze

• A concluding paragraph (scroll down to the installation shots, you can the click on each one individually – you get a very good sense of the space/gallery layout + you can also listen to the audio clips/audioguide via the website)

Grading rubric:

*this assignment is graded out of 50 and is worth 25% of your final grade

Content (25)

• Introduction to exhibition; subject and theme(s) are clearly identified/addressed (Description) /5

• Online presentation (curatorial concept and actual presentation in class) + workshop activity

adequately described (Description) /5

• Formal and meaning-based analysis of two artwork, thematic and contextual connections (Analysis) /10

• Personal input and innovative ideas [personal opinions/ideas] (Evaluation) /5

Structure & Communication (10)

• ideas/arguments are clearly stated and coherent (throughout essay) /5

• relevant and efficient use of image(s) /5

Academic performance (15)

• major points, validity & accuracy: evidence supports analysis/interpretation (proper use and sufficient amount of appropriate sources) /5

• Structure of essay, proper utilization of grammar, including punctuation, spelling, subject and verb usage /5

• Adherence to MLA style: proper citation & sources cited; presentation and organization : page numbers, images, font, total pages, etc. /5


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