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Film Paper #1
Instructions: Please write a paper analyzing the film using the concepts from Chapter 8 and 9.

Please answer the following 4 questions:

1) Write an informative summary of the film in one to two paragraphs.

2) Choose four of the concepts listed below to discuss what you feel are the important themes of
the film.
a. Define each concept;
b. Relate that concept to the film; and
c. Explain why you think this concept is important in the film.

3) Did the film increase your understanding of a particular issue? Did it change your perspective in
any way?

4) Evaluate the merit of the film: the importance of its points, its accuracy, completeness,
organization, and so on. Include a discussion of whether or not you would recommend the film
to others, and why.

Points of consideration in writing your reaction:

1) Proof read your paper for clarity, grammatical errors, and coherent, error-free sentences.

2) Throughout your paper, be sure to use direct quotations to illustrate important ideas.

3) Throughout your paper, reference the textbook where appropriate using page numbers.

4) Support any general points you make or attitudes you express with specific reasons and details.
Statements such as “I agree with many ideas in this film” or “I found the film very interesting”
are meaningless without specific evidence from the film that shows why you feel as you do.

Concepts for “Don’t Panic: How to End Poverty in 15 Years”

• (Social Stratification) • (Global Stratification) • (Life Chances) • (Economic Restructuring) • (Social Mobility) • (Causes of Poverty) • (Neocolonialism) • (Core countries, peripheral
countries, Semiperipheral
countries (counts as 1 concept) )• (World Systems Theory) • (Dependency Theory) • (Modernization Theory) • (Extreme Poverty) • (Absolute Poverty)

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