You will choose a movie that has shows examples of workplace interaction . For this assignment, you should prepare a paper that applies concepts and ideas covered in lecture material, class activities, and class readings to the events depicted in the film.  Pick 5 separate concepts to discuss thoroughly, using specific examples/scenes from the movie.  Your paper should demonstrate a clear understanding of these concepts through both description (who, what, where, when?) and analysis (why, how?). To help you with this, each time you introduce a concept, ask yourself the following: Did I provide a definition or explanation?  Did I clearly relate it/apply it to a specific circumstance or aspect of the group?


Requirements:  Please pay attention to the following requirements and notes related to this paper assignment. 


· Stapled pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins.


· As outlined in the syllabus, grammatical and spelling errors will drastically reduce 

     your final grade.  Proofread, proofread, and proofread again!


· You should complete this analysis in 4-6 pages.


· Use proper APA citations, including a references page.


· Content and presentation are equally important.  Your content may be great, but if you do not present it clearly and skillfully, your insights get lost or diminished.  Carefully plan your paper before writing it!


· Your paper must contain an introduction, stating your paper’s purpose and points you’ll cover.  You must also end with a conclusion, in which you review 

     your points and explain the insight this has given you into small group interactions.


· You will be graded on both content and style, so please make sure you proofread your paper.

· How would you “describe” this particular change and why? (hint: refer to back to types of and approaches to change that were discussed in class to help you with this).  

· Describe Peter’s overall leadership style as you see it. Make sure to defend or justify why you think this is so. Is his approach effective? Why or why not? 

· Describe Peter’s emotional intelligence when communicating with his employees regarding the merger. Was he effective in managing their concerns and/or frustrations. Why or why not? As always, use theory to support your perspective.  

Note that you will need to choose a movie that 1. deals with real characters (i.e., not a cartoon or Pixar choice) and 2. Ideally has actual workplace interactions. For example, you might think that the movie The Hobbit shows workplace concepts, but it would not be a good choice because it’s not in an actual workplace.



· Coach Carter

· The Shawshank Redemption

· Moneyball

· Miss Sloane

· The Social Network

· The Butler

· Radium Girls

· Margin Call

· Worth

· The Green Mile

· Top Gun

· Steve Jobs

On Amazon Prime (free for Prime members)

· Lucy and Desi (free for Prime members)

· Smartest Guys in the Room (free for prime members)

· The Intern (rent or buy)

· Office Space (with IMDB subscription)

On Hulu

· Margin Call (also on Netflix)

· Soap Dish

· Flight

· Bombshell

· The Firm

· Up in the Air

On Disney+

· Remember the Titans

· Miracle

· Hidden Figures

Other movies:

· The Devil Wears Prada

· The Wolf of Wall Street

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