HIST302 The Rise of Christianity

Choose one of the following questions and respond (250 words)

1). Dunstan identifies the fourth century as a period of renaissance. Describe in detail one reason why this period was a rebirth of Roman culture. What does he mean by a “break in unity”? How did Christianity factor into this break?

2). Study the gradual Christianization of Rome. Dunstan describes paganism as being on the “defensive” in the fourth century? What evidence does he offer? What institutions held on most tightly by the pagan ways and why?

3). Study the fifth century Germanic migrations and invasions. What were the reasons behind the Germanic migrations and invasions and how successful was the Roman military response?

4). What reasons do scholars identify for the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries to 476 AD?

5). Study the Eastern Roman Empire. Why was the Eastern Roman Empire able to transform into the Byzantine Empire? Identify two reasons and give historical evidence to back your position?

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