How can I best articulate what I’ve learned this semester, writing homework help

Final Reflection

This paper is a cumulative, holistic reflection on your experiences in the course this semester, including your struggles, triumphs, and growth as a reader, writer, thinker, and student. There is no “right” way to do this; however, your reflection should include thorough and thoughtful writing. It should be one to two pages and double-spaced. Submit this paper as part of your Final Portfolio.

Ask yourself: “How can I best articulate what I’ve learned this semester?” In answering that question, engage the following process:

  • Survey all work that you’ve done throughout the semester. Consider finding evidence to illustrate how effectively you accomplished your goals for each paper
  • Open with an introduction that establishes the context for your reflection. You may present the thesis right away, or you may delay it
  • After the introduction, go through each of the three major essays and reflect on the strengths of each piece, the struggles you experienced, and the aspects that were most memorable in becoming a more effective writer
  • Discuss the learning opportunities that occurred through your research for the various writing assignments
  • Conclude the essay with any comments about the course in general and what I might do to make the course better in the future
  • Your Final Reflection will serve as the introduction for your Final Portfolio
  • The Final Reflection should be an example of your BEST writing

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