How Do Attitudes Guide Behavior? 1-3 page essay in APA format with cover and reference page for mt Psychology homework

How Do Attitudes Guide Behavior?

To prepare for the assignment:

Read Chapter 3 in the course text, Persuasion: Psychological Insights and Perspectives, and think about the following issues and questions as you conduct your review:

  • What is the major distinction between the two theories of how attitudes guide behavior? To what types of behavior does each theory apply?
  • What is the primary purpose of Fishbein and Ajzen’s theory of reasoned action? What psychological construct most directly predicts behavior? What is a behavioral intention? How does the theory define the concept of an attitude? What two beliefs form the perception of a subjective norm?
  • What is the primary purpose of Fazio’s attitude-to-behavior process model? Using Figure 3.5 in the text, think about how attitude activation, selective perception, and the definition of the event influence behavior. Be sure to consider each step in the process and the factors that influence it.
  • What is the MODE model and how does it integrate the two process models above? What role does motivation, opportunity, and “determinants” play in whether attitudes guide behavior in a deliberate versus spontaneous fashion?

Go to this website:

Icek Ajzen: Theory of Planned Behavior

Ajzen proposed a revision of the theory of reasoned action that is called the theory of planned behavior. Click on the link, “TpB Model,” on the Theory of Planned Behavior Web site. Consider the variable that Ajzen added to the theory of planned behavior that makes it different from the theory of reasoned action, and whether you think it should be included in Fazio’s attitude accessibility model.

  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions on the Theory of Planned Behavior Web site, specifically the question and answer to “What is the role of knowledge or information in the theory of planned behavior?” Do you agree or disagree with the way Ajzen answers the question?
  • Download the “Constructing a TpB Questionnaire” from the Theory of Planned Behavior Web site by clicking on the link. Think about how you would use the information in this document to create a measure of intentions to explore a cave (called “spelunking”).

  • The assignment (1–3 pages):

    • Discuss the differences between Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior and Fazio’s accessibility model.  Explain which variable Ajzen added to the theory of reasoned behavior so it became the theory of planned behavior.  Would adding this variable to Fazio’s theory improve that theory? Discuss why or why not.

    • Explain how measuring knowledge about the behavior or direct behavioral experience is important to the theory of planned behavior. Also explain why you do or do not agree with Ajzen’s view on this.

    • Using the resources from  Ajzen’s website (link in Resources) develop a short questionnaire to measure intentions to explore a cave (called spelunking). Be sure to provide enough detail about how you would measure each component in your survey so that someone can follow your directions.

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