The assignment that is due is within the attachment: 

Geico Careers (n.d.). Total rewards program. Retrieved from the Geico website at

Please be sure to follow all requirements and directions

  There are to be no designs, art work, or colored objects on the cover page. All pages in the paper must have a running head with page numbers. There must be a heading for each topic section of the paper. In other words, for every criteria statement (or what students sometimes call questions) for the paper, there must be a properly formatted heading (see APA guidelines). All citations in the paper that represent quoted or paraphrased information must be properly set up with at least 3 parts; (1) author, (2) year, and (3) page or paragraph number (depending on type of source). There should not be any citation used in the paper that does not meet this requirement. All references listed on the reference page must be set up properly (see APA rules)…AND…there must be at least 1 citation in the paper for each reference provided on the reference page.

HOT!! All papers will have an introduction (not an abstract) and a conclusion section. They are required!

All information and discussions in the assignment must be effective and relevant to the topics and each topic must be thoroughly addressed. There should not be extended discussions on unrelated information and every effort should be made to not miss discussing a particular area or topic. 

The book for this course is and Chapters 2-3 are in the attachment (PLEASE USE): WorldatWork. (2007). The WorldatWork handbook of compensation, benefits, & total rewards. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Other Resources that can be used:

Gross, S. E., & Friedman, H. M. (2004). Creating an effective total reward strategy: Holistic approach better supports business success. Benefits Quarterly, 20(3), 7-12.

Hiles, A. (2009). Tough times demand focus – Total rewards strategy. Benefits Quarterly, 25(4), 44-47.

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