HRM 326 FINAL True/False


Please put a “T” or an “F” in the box next to the question.  After complete, save and attach to the assignments tab. 


1.             Compilation is the highest level of skill acquisition. 


2.             Force field analysis is a type of analysis used in a TNA.


3.             Relatedness is the middle need in Alderfer’s needs theory.


4.             If you determine there is a KSA deficiency, then the response is training.


5.             Cognitive organization is where you rehearse in your mind how to do the task being trained.


6.             A relay question is when asked a question the trainer re‑asks the question to the person who asked the question in hopes they will provide an answer.


7.             CBT is generally seen as more interesting and motivating than instructor based training.


8.             An ice‑breaker is a game or exercise that gets the trainees involved in meeting and talking with others in the training session.


9.             Another name for a mental model is a cognitive map.


10.         A TNA is not necessary in the development of an orientation.

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