HRM531 HRM 531 HRM/531 Week 2 Quiz (100% Correct)

1-__________ is not legally required, and, because of unemployment compensation, many firms do not offer it.

2- At a comprehensive point of view, a(n) _____ includes anything an employee values and desires that an employer is able and willing to offer in exchange for employee contributions.

3- One strategic issue that should influence the design of benefits is an organization’s

4- ______________cover 128 million workers in the United States.

5- What is driving the increasing costs of healthcare?

6- Which act covers private-sector employees over age 21 enrolled in noncontributory (100% employer-paid) retirement plans that have 1-year service?

7- Narrowing pay ratios between jobs or pay grades in a firm’s pay structure is

8- One downside of team incentives is that

9- In labor economics, __________________ theory holds that unless an employee can produce a value equal to the value received in wages, it will not be worthwhile to hire that worker.

10- Gain sharing plans consist of all EXCEPT which of the following elements:

11- he type of private pension plan in which an employer promises to pay a retiree a stated pension is a

12- The gatekeeper in a managed care health insurance plan is the

13- Evidence indicates that the perceived value of benefits rises when employers introduce

14- Which of the following laws established the first national minimum wage?

15- In the United States, salary discussions among employees are protected under

16- _______________ provides a supplemental, one-time payment when death is accidental, and it provides a range of benefits when employees become disabled—that is, when they cannot perform the main functions of their occupations.

17- Open pay systems tend to work best when

18- Which of the following is NOT another name for gain sharing?

19- The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 requires that

20- Reviews of both laboratory and field tests of _____________ are quite consistent. Individuals tend to follow a norm of fairness and to use it as a basis for distributing rewards.

21- ___________ bridge the gap between organizational objectives and individual expectations and aspirations.

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