HSM 331 NSU Stakeholder Needs in Evaluation of Healthcare Quality Improvement Case

    • Suppose you are the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Memorial Hospital. Memorial is a nonprofit hospital with 300 beds and is located in a busy metropolitan area directly adjacent to a large university. Memorial is the only hospital within a 20-mile radius of campus, but construction on a new, competing hospital has just started within 5 miles.
      • Identify three forecast content items. How will they be measured?
      • What is the expected status of the content items in the future?
      • Which forecasting techniques should you use?
  • Write a 2-3-page paper in APA (2020) format, create a thesis statement relative to health financial management, and answer the research questions listed above in the Mini-Case Study. Include a cover page, a reference page, three peer-reviewed references, and use the textbook. The paper should follow the SESC format of state, explain, support, and conclude, see the Sample Paper.

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