Human Behavior in Organisations: Self Reflection

BUSINESS Human Behavior in Business : Self Reflection Assignment

These were meant to be separate assignments but I’m trying to do a last min bulk turn in. Each requires one page that answers the questions.

Page 1

What’s my basic personality?

What’s my Jungian 16-Type Personality?

Page 2

Am I a Type A?

How Well Do I Handle Ambiguity?

How Creative Am I?

Page 3

Am I a Procrastinator?

What is My Preferred Conflict Handling Style?

Page 4

Am I Likely to Become An Entrepreneur?

What Type of Organization Do I Prefer?

How Motivated Am I to Manage?

Page 5

What ‘s the Right Type of Organizational Culture for Me?

What is My Preferred Type of Power?

How Good Am I at Playing Politics?

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