Human resource week 7 replies

Discussion 7-1by Suseela Pandity – Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 10:20 PM 

To start with health care costs are increasing like crazy. It is 100% fact statement. To prove it will go back to some 50 years. At that time per year per person annual health care expenses are $146 where as in 21st century per head per annum health care expense is $10,000 plus. The reason behind this could be anything but most key discussable reason is US health care industry is depending upon private health care sponsoring companies or private health insurance companies.  

Most of the employers in USA are relying on private insurance companies, which are profit based. They also will have peculiar restrictions such as, provider should in their network, if not your out of pocket expenses would increase. In other words, insurance would not cover the amount which they are supposed to cover. There certain medications or tests are only covered in general coverage package. If your health is not so stable and you required to visit doctor frequently then you got to pay more high premiums. (James E. Dalen, March 2010)

Hence, the employers are committed to provide health insurance to their employees are part of benefits package offered to employees along with salary. Increasing amounts of health insurance premiums are alarming companies to for 100s of employees’ health insurance premiums. This is due to increase in chronic diseases like diabetes and heart problems. 85% of insurance premiums increase is caused by these. People are more aware of importance of health but very less people are practicing healthy life style. Which results increase in doctor visits and ER visits.  To reduce the health insurance expense, employers are offering healthy life style options to employees such as reimbursing gym memberships, healthy diet programs, yoga classes to reduce stress so on.(Dieleman, 2017 December) Works Cited

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Health costs are increasing at a high rate in the United States, which causes a struggle for employers who are trying to offer these benefits to their employees. The employees are not satisfied with the payment of a higher premium for covering the health.

The increases in Health Cost

The primary purpose of having health insurance for the employees is to assist them in receiving quality medical without having to incur higher costs of treatment(Patel, Dalal & Nagar, 2014). The reasons why employers are trying to minimize the costs of health is that they need to maximize their returns. The health costs are skyrocketing at a high rate, which is draining the employer finance resulting to making of loss or minimal profits for the organization, which does not match, with the profit maximization goal of the organization. The employers are hence focusing on minimizing the health costs, which is raising at a high pace in the US and causing conflict between employees and employers. The employers are hence focusing on employing employees on contract basis or part-time workers since it less costly to the organization (Babcock & Kogut, 2016). Employers embrace the strategy to avoid incurring high costs of health, which are increasing at a high pace in the United States of America.


The skyrocketing of the health in the United States has resulted in increasing of conflict between employers and employees, which has affected the employment of people in the United States. The government hence is required to come with policies to ensure equity in health insurance in the country. References

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Lesson-7, Discussion – 2by Vani Pathuri – Thursday, 20 June 2019, 8:53 PM 

Every company needs to have disaster management plan. Companies will give disaster management trainings for new employees regarding how to manage the work during disaster control (Waeckerle, J. F. 1991). Disaster management occurs during any natural disaster like floods and hurricanes. Maryland is very big city and during floods and hurricanes managing work is very important. Company will have management preparedness planning that how to control without shut downing the work and the business. Company plan in a way that there is way to reduce the drainage and water draining mechanism for the company and surrounding areas. It is long term plan of controlling the system in better and smart way to control and handle the system.

Company management should be well prepared for the natural disaster and should expect the situation at least few days before, so that they can send employees to any other place get work down. If the scenario is unexpected, at least, if they many branches in other cities or states they can request other team to handle the work and request them to do more work and they can plan and distribute the work among the remaining staff, so that they can reduce the loss in the business at least on minimum percentage. Assessing the work place and preparing for compliance, reassure employees and take help from the representatives (Quarantelli, E. L. 1985).


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Lesson 7 Discussion 2by Priyanka Yarlagadda – Thursday, 20 June 2019, 4:57 PM 

Hello Everyone,

Natural Disasters happens in every place either it can be normal floods or hurricane but having the alert systems would reduce the loss by alerting the people around. Annapolis, Maryland has the alert systems if the natural disasters are occurring before directly to their homes, phones, or directly to the individuals by phone calls or alerting the city. Alert systems allow the city of Annapolis to reach the annapolitans and employees and visitors of the city and nearby areas to be safe. One should follow the disaster preparedness a staying alert to escape from the natural disasters. There are multiple factors in every company that should be taken and guide properly to the employees who stays nearby beaches and oceans and often occurs the natural disasters. Employers has to provide employees full information initially and make them prepared at any time for the office shutdown or the city. There are several factors that are need to be prepared initially for the natural disasters are: (Furin, 2018).

1)      Planning: Having the proper planning to the natural disasters would probably decrease the risk associated with the health and environment. Floods contaminates the drinking water and related sources and also harms the air by generating bad oxygen. Individuals have to plan ahead in order to protect from the disasters and also for the family. (Furin, 2018).

2)      Recovery: After having planning accordingly one should be able to understand the risks that are associated by using the contamination stuff from outside and also one should help others by looking for the risks which helps to keep the problems safe from becoming worse. Individuals or employees have to be careful as whole city or company will be effected and in a shutdown period they should themselves first and also focus on developing the plans to go right. (Morris, 2019).

3)      Safety: Listen to the authorities and doing what they are saying when the disaster slows down would be the safest and listen to the public what they are going through so one should can prevent the threats. During this time government or company can take care if that happens in the particular or the associated areas to the persons. (Morris, 2019).

Reduction of pay and work hours during natural disasters:

It depends on the companies who divides for the Nonexempt employees and Exempt employees by the Fair Labor Standards which requires them to pay to the nonexempt employees only for the hours but the employers are unable to pay for the work hours to the employees that are effected in the natural disasters. For exempt employees, an employer has to pay the employee for the total hours which are not related to any circumstances and again it all varies from one organization to the other, but the companies have to provide pay during the natural disasters which is not an employee fault. (Morris, 2019).


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