Humanities event Report

Please submit your required Humanities Report here – just 1 – on either a Visual Arts exhibition, OR a Performing Arts event (OR, if absolutely cannot attend and report on a live event, contact your instructor, explain your situation and request an Alternate Report assignment).

Due Date: Dated proof of attendance, and supplementary material (photos or scans of proof and examples) is also required. 
Credit. Earn up to 50 points.  Extra credit is possible for attending and reporting on an eligible Bay Area event.

NOTE. Turnitin does not accept multiple file uploads. You have two options for submitting proof and supplementary material. You can Either:
_ Embed in your Humanities Report document, proof scans and jpgs of supplementary material, posting them as part of your report in this Turnitin drop box, 
_ Post your labeled scans and jpgs in the Inbox, “Proofs and Supplementary Materials.” Identify your items clearly, what they are, and for which assignment: Humanities Report or Extra Credit Response or Mini-report.  Detailed Guidelines and Companion worksheets are provided in the Humanities Report Module. 

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