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Educational technology inventories allow students to identify technology
(equipment, software, etc.) and support resources (training, etc.) available in their
professional setting. These inventories should include consideration of all the elements
identified in the evaluation rubric below and accurately reflect the environment in the
school and district where you (or a colleague) work.
Technology inventories serve several important purposes: (1) to help students identify
the resources available to them; (2) to help the instructor understand the context in
which students work related to technology access; (3) provide an informal inventory of
technology available in local school districts or educational setting in preparation for the
Curricular Integration Project (CIP).
These 3- to 6-page descriptions will (a) summarize computing and other technologies
available in each students’ classroom and their school; (b) address use of a broad range
of technology resources to adapt instruction to different learning needs, ability levels
and support for second language learners; (c) consider equitable access to technology
that enables students to engage successfully in learning activities for subject-content,
including consideration of assistive technologies to enable all students, regardless of
special needs, to participate in learning; (d) incorporate classroom rules that address
issues of privacy, appropriate access, and implementation of acceptable use policies for
the school or district; (e) formulate classroom use of technology organized in ways that
are developmentally appropriate, do not put student health at risk (e.g., ergonomically
sound, time appropriate), and ensure security of student data and information; (f)
include scheduling, room arrangement, and rules that ensure all students have access
to technology resources; and (g) consider students’ access to technology at home.
Classroom technology inventory items
 Hardware including computers, tablets, printers, scanners, digital cameras,
projectors, calculators, etc. in the classroom, lab and/or media center
 Instructional software/apps available on the computers/tablets in the
classroom or lab (summarize)
 Training and support available from the institution (summarize)
 Committees or groups who meet formally to explore uses of or purchase
technology in the institution (summarize)
 Requirements, expectations or plans for curricular integration of technology
in the technology adoption plan for your grade/age level(s) and subject area(s)

My teacher said I can use GVSU because I didn’t have an elementary class I could use.

On-campus and online information can be found by searching the GVSU website. Information technology (IT) provides a website where much of this information is located. The Pew FTLC provides a variety of PD opportunities for faculty, as well as IDeL and eLearning.

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