I will add the outline for my homework. I need 4 pages from the sources I added. I'm willing to pay…

I will add the outline for my homework. I need 4 pages from the sources I added.

I’m willing to pay $15


Human Resources as Organizational Core Competency

HR Functions

Organizational Culture and HR

Organizational Productivity

Customer Service and Quality Linked to HR

Ethics and HR management

HR Management Challenges

Economics and Job Changes

Globalization of HR

Workforce Demographics and Diversity

HR Technology

IV.           Managing HR in Organizations

     a.     HR Management Roles

      b.     HR Management Competencies and Careers

      c.     HR and Strategy

V.     Strategic Planning

HR as Organizational Contributor

       b.      HR Effectiveness and Financial Performance

 c.     Strategy and Competition

VI.     Global Competitiveness and HR Strategy


Global Staffing

VI.     HR’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions

VII.     Strategies for Managing Talent Supply Imbalances

Managing a Talent Surplus

Legal Considerations for Workforce Reduction

Managing a Talent Shortage

VIII.     Technology Challenges

XI.     Measuring Effectiveness of HR

HR Metrics

X.     Human Capital Effectiveness Measures

HR Audit







*     http://www.ppma.org.uk/expert-guides/guide-to-measuring-hr-effectiveness/guide-to-measuring-hr-effectiveness-why-is-it-important-/



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