importance of diversity in the workplace

The topic I selected to research is diversity, and more specifically, the importance of diversity in the workplace. The paper should include the following components:
1. Introduction (with topic and scope of the paper)
2. Background information (To put the topic in a proper context including why it is relevant to Human Resource management)
3. Main Body (With a thorough review of the history, findings, analysis, issues, opportunities, recommendations, future projections, etc., as appropriate depending upon the nature of the topic itself)
4. Summary Conclusion (with reflection on what was learned through research that pertains to Human Resource Management)
5. References (to support research and findings, works cited page and in-text citations. Either Mla or Apa Citations)
-These points are offered as an outline or guide to use as a general template. Professional judgement should be utilized to determine how to most effectively cover the topic which was selected.

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