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Share one new take-away you had about portfolios from reading their response. In addition, discuss at least two additional types of evidence they may want to include in their portfolios and explain why. 5 sentences or more.

Discuss how portfolio assessments support you as a professional in your quest to ensure the growth of the children with whom you work. Make sure to include specific examples of the purposes of portfolios to support your thinking.

Portfolio assessments support professionals in their quest to ensure the growth of the child with whom they work with because it is a compilation of a child’s progress throughout the school year. A “portfolio is a metaphorical storyboard used to document children’s ongoing work” (Howard & Aiken, 2015, Section 6.2). Within a portfolio are assessments, examples of the child’s work, and other artifact collections which relate to the individual child and one particular focused area of development (ie: reading comprehension). For instance, a teacher may administer an observational event sampling assessment at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year measuring the same event each time. The teacher can see if and how much the child has progressed over the year. Keeping everything in the portfolio is an organized way to access the findings.

Explain how you will manage the logistical piece of using portfolio assessments. Reference section 6.2 Portfolio Logistics from the course text to support your explanation.

“Portfolios may be organized by theme or topic, chronology, type of product, quality of work, and so on” (Howard & Aiken, 2015, Section 6.2). I suppose I will manage the logistical piece of using portfolio using individual binder assessments dependent on the child and the contents of the assessment process. If I am looking for a progression in how a child draws his family (stick figures or representing hair, feet, fingers…etc.) then I may organize the portfolio by quality of work with anecdotal records and work samples.

Describe the different types of evidence that are included in portfolios. Make sure to explain the role the children will play in this piece of the portfolio process.

Different types of evidence that portfolios can include are “developmental checklists, work samples, dictations of stories, anecdotal notes, pictures, video recordings, and observational assessments that document actions” (Howard & Aiken, 2015, Section 6.2). Child plays an important role in each of these pieces of evidence because they are all directly related to the child’s growth and development. Many pieces of the portfolio can even be work samples.

Discuss how you will include families in the portfolio assessment process, and why this important to the portfolio process

It is important to include families in the portfolio process because as an EC professional, and having 20 children to evaluate, families can spend more focused attention in a one-on-one setting with their child to assist in their growth and progression. Showing families the in-classroom observations with a focused portfolio helps families tangibly see what areas may need more attention than others. They also “provide parents with actual evidence of a child’s work, and serve to provide an opportunity for periodic and ongoing communication between parents and teachers” (Howard & Aiken, 2015, Section 6.2).

Explain how the portfolio process you will use with children mirrors the portfolio you are creating for your final project in this course.

If I were becoming an EC professional, I would mirror the portfolio I am making for my final project in this course by using assessments such as anecdotal records and event sampling. I think these are really great ways to assess a child in a natural environment and with detailed, useful information of the progress of the child.

Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). Assessing learning and development in young children. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education

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