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Week 3: Interactive activity

3.1 Learning Outcomes:

Analyze an organization?s structure and work-flow process, identifying the output, activities, and inputs in the production of a product or service.

Understand the importance of job analysis in strategic human resource management.

Choose the right job analysis technique for a variety of human resource activities.

Identify the tasks performed, and the skills required in each job.

  • Understand the different approaches to job design.
  • Comprehend the trade-offs among the various approaches to designing jobs.
  • 3.2 Action Required:
  • ?Sometimes when confronted with a situation in HR, we try to solve it quickly based on experience. Or we immediately address what we think is the causation. When we start midway into the process, we miss the opportunity to ask the right questions. That’s what enables us to examine all the options.?
  • 3.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):
  • Keeping the above statement in mind answer the question given below:

Why is it important to start the critical evaluation process in HRM by assessing the big picture? 

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