Intercultural communication (speech)

PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY AND SEE THE EXAMPLE ROR HELP This is a two part project: (1) Facebook posts with content and accompanying analysis; and (2) Two to three minute class explanation/response. Don’t just state what is in the items you posted on our Facebook page, but relate it to your perceptions, interests, and newly acquired knowledge: “I experienced… I learned that… I was surprised by… I realized…”

o Which theories, constructs, norms, etc. are illustrated here? How?

o Why did you choose these particular ideas to share?

o How have you noticed something about communication (yours or others’) that you didn’t before?

o What have you learned that has made you a more competent communicator?

o Is there anything else that you want to include that I may not have thought of?

I. Facebook Post (on private group page – see email for link to request to join group)

Content: Must analyze at least THREE artifacts separately (in one long post or in three short posts) if curating works, or ONE artifact or set of artifacts if creating original work for the posts. You can focus on different aspects of one course construct/theory or you can analyze three different constructs – make the choice clear in your descriptive analytic paragraph.DO NOT repeat what you’ve done in earlier class work from discussions or essays. * I can post for you if you’re not on FB, but you need to send it to me AHEAD of time!

What to analyze? See some “big ideas” from our course to find the constructs that you most want to address…

o Cultural identity – influences of family & society

o Cultural histories and differences

o Expressing cultural values and/or beliefs (based on orientations & taxonomies?)

o Understanding verbal communication, language patterns or cultural sayings

o Interpreting nonverbal behavior (see wide variety from course content)

o Managing and/or communicating emotions; managing gender expectations

o Creating successful relationships: family, friends, work, love

o Illustrating perception across cultures: overcoming ethnocentrism, stereotyping, etc.

o Mainstream or social media’s influence in framing culture, or solving intercultural communication problems

o Increasing intercultural communication competence or creating/expanding social justice


o Photo series

o Website, Instagram or Tumblr-style posts (or links to existing websites or social media posts)

o Art: drawings, illustrations, paintings, murals, sculpture, architecture

o Magazine or newsletter

o PowerPoint, Prezi or Google Slides presentation

o Video/film (yours or outside media) – if a full-length film, just find a link to the trailer

o Music – performed or written lyrics

o Poetry (traditional or slam/spoken word)

o Personal narrative or short story

o Anything else you can think of?

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