Intern – Video Analysis – Organizational Communication

After watching the video “The Intern” discuss the communications of three key people, Anne Hathaway (Jules), Robert De Niro (Ben) and one other person of your choice. Tell me about their communications. Using concepts discussed in class and from our text, identify three of the skills and/or techniques which of the three each used.

Please be specific and give examples.

FORMAT: 3-4 pages double-spaced – no shorter – using Times New Roman 11

ASSUMPTIONS: you may make realistic assumptions to provide further detail to your analysis.

COVER ALL SIDES: Present a careful and thorough analysis of the strong and appropriate communications versus the less effective.

Most good essays will have 5-6 paragraphs:

  1. Introduction to your paper and subjects for discussion
  2. Paragraph for each selected entity including what, why, etc., and specific examples
  3. Summary paragraph


(1) Thinking: well-organized essay with clear transitions, easy to read;

good logical flow, with each point following from the last; intelligent

content/analysis with no fluff or repetition;

(2) Writing: easy-to-read, short sentences, making clear transitions from

one point to the next / one paragraph to the next; correct grammar, punctuation;

use of exactly the right words – including prepositions, conjunctions, and longer

words and phrases.

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