Professional Interview 

Goal: to develop an understanding of how a supervisor works to handle issues related to various types of diversity in the workplace. The paper should focus on the impact of a diverse workforce and the role of leadership on a day-to-day basis within the organization and should represent what was learned about managing diversity in the workforce through each stage of the project.

Step 1

1.  Using at least three scholarly sources, research strategies for the effective management of diversity in the workplace. Such issues could include:

a. managing an age diverse workforce

b. dealing with cultural differences among employees

c. etiquette of doing business with someone from abroad, etc.

2. Develop a list of questions to be used in interview.

a. Questions should be open-ended with the goal to gain as much insight into the topic as possible. 

b. Questions will be reviewed and approved by the instructor PRIOR to the interview. 

Step 2

1. Interview a representative of a manager/supervisor of a local company/organization regarding effectively managing differences among employees as well as situations effected by those differences.

a. Remember to include some background information regarding the person interviewed. 

2. Document interviewee’s responses.

Step 3

Following the interview, write notes on several of the following points:

1. What types of diversity issues were discussed?

2. What impact on the workplace was explored?

3. How were issues discussed resolved?

4. How did the interviewee see his/her role in resolving the issue at hand?

5. How does the interviewee see the role of diversity in the workplace unfolding in the future?

6. Were you surprised by any of the answers you received to your questions?

7. Can you make connections to other learning experiences?

Step 4

1. Write a 5-6 page paper, citing three scholarly sources, and course texts

2. Synthesize the information

3. Explain what your perceptions were of the organizational issues which are typically faced by managers/supervisors in relation to diversity in the workplace.

a. Reflect the student’s understanding of how the elements of his/her topic influence the workplace and those who are employed in the setting.

4.  Describe the significance and meaning of the information they have gained and the relationship of this information to theories and concepts of workplace diversity discussed in class or addressed in the course readings.

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