Introduction to Action Research and Appreciative Approaches to Change

Within the Discussion Board area, write 500–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Compose a single, integrated narrative that addresses the following questions and items. Use a conversational tone, good grammar and syntax, and employ critical thinking. You do not need to use APA, 6th-edition formatting. You are expected to cite the sources that you use. Remember to achieve the minimum word count required.

Part 1

Open the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following articles:

  • Stephens, J., Barton, J., & Haslett, T. (2009). Action research: Its history and relationship to scientific methodology. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 22(6), 463-474.
  • Akdere, M., & Azevedo, R. E. (2006). Agency theory implications for efficient contracts in organization development. Organization Development Journal, 24(2), 43-54.
  • Altrichter, H., Kemmis, S., McTaggart, R., & Zuber-Skerritt, O. (2002). The concept of action research. The Learning Organization, 9(3), 125.

Part 2

In preparation to apply one of the three methodological or philosophical approaches to human systems change, review your current organization or a previous one for a problem or situation you could use.

Share the following information:

  • Type of organization
  • Description of organization (e.g., review Web sites, press, and published documents)
  • Number of employees or key members
  • Description of the person who is the key decision maker (no names needed, but describe his or her role and responsibilities as you understand them all related to your situation)

Part 3

In Part 3, you will outline your approach to help your organization to participate in the three cycles of collaborative appreciative inquiry and action research (AI/AR). Develop talking points to describe the purpose of this meeting and your strategy for how you will conduct the meeting. Include the following:

  • Your name and educational affiliation
  • A brief explanation of AI/AR that emphasizes the following:
    • Building on what is working
    • A cyclical, collaborative, and iterative approach to change
    • An approach that generates new knowledge for the system during each cycle, thus helping the organization move toward a desired state with each cycle
  • The organization’s willingness and ability to commit time for all of the following steps:
    • Meeting with 3–5 team members this term to establish the project (1–1.5 hours)
    • Cycle 1 next term (1.5–2 hours)
    • Cycle 2 next term (1.5–2 hours)
    • Cycle 3 next term (1.5–2 hours)
    • Evaluation and closure meeting (1 hour)

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