IT systems



For this project, you will select a business or industry that you are familiar with (or interested in) and recommend the use of an information systems technology that will improve the business.  Create a presentation that is designed to persuade the owners of the business to adopt your idea. Assume that your audience is familiar with business and business practices, but not IT systems.


· Select any IT or IS solution that you feel will improve the business

· Discuss which area(s) of the business it will address (efficiency, customer service, sales, etc.)

· Describe how the technology/system works

· Discuss how these features will benefit the company

· Provide an example of who this type of system has helped another company (it does not need to be the same type of company or in the same industry)



· Your presentation should be created in PowerPoint or a similar application

· It should consist of no less than 16 slides, plus a title slide a references slide

· You must include at least five references

· Your presentation should appear professional


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