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Develop an Organization Chart in Microsoft Word and submit it to the Drop Box below. Your chart should fit on a single page. (See instructions below on steps to develop an Organization Chart in Word.)

InstructionsStudy the following description of the HIM Department.Based on the description, construct an organization chart indicating the appropriate lines of authority and responsibility.Include employee name, credentials, and title if known.Indicate the number of employees reporting to each individual.

HIM Department Description

Peggy Carson, RHIT, is the Director of the HIM Department at GeneralHospital. The health care facility has over 500 inpatient beds, an active outpatient department, and 150 skilled nursing beds. She has hired four credentialed professionals to assist her in managing the department.

The transcription unit is busy and under the supervision of Sue Harstad, RHIT. Sue is responsible for three full-time and four part-time transcriptionists.

Records are assemble and analyzed by four employees who are supervised by Brooke Anderson, RHIT. These employees also perform retrospective clinical pertinence review. Brooke also supervises the two employees who oversee the physician’s incomplete area.

The Coding Section is comprised of six coding specialists who code all inpatient and outpatient records. Claire Herriot, CCS, supervises the coders.

The file Unit includes six employees who utilize a bar coding system for filing and retrieval.  They are supervised by Mark Allen, RHIT. Mark also oversees the Release of Information Unit where two employees carefully screen and respond to request for health information.

Note: You should have one box on the top and then boxes braching off from there.How to Develop an Organization Chart in Microsoft Word 07

To access the organization chart function, open a new Word document.

Click on Insert on the menu bar.  Click on SmartArt. Click on Hierarchy then choose the styles you would like to try. The first two styles might work the best and they are the most traditional for organization charts. Click on your style choice and then click OK. This will open a new chart for you to edit and fill in. Be sure to save it as you work.

To write text in a box, simply double click on the box. The font will adjust to fit the box as you type. To add boxes, click on the box nearest to the location where you want to add a new box. On the menu bar, click on Add Shape and choose the placement from the list of choices. The box will automatically be added. Continue until you have completed your chart. Don’t forget to save your work.

You may need to adjust your page layout and/or margins, to get your chart to fit on one page. 


Submit your completed assignment to the Drop Box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


PowerPoint Presentation: After you complete the background reading, please click the link below to open the PowerPoint presentation, which will clarify or supplement this week’s reading assignment. Be sure to print out the slides to insert into your notebook.Organizing 

Calculating Employee Needs

In order to determine the number of FTEs (full time employees) needed to perform each job function, you need to determine the following:Determine how long it takes to do each taskHow much productivity is expected in a dayWhat is the work loadAlso consider PF&D:  Personal time, fatigue, and delayAn employee cannot be productive for 8 hours straightProbably productive for 7 hours or 35 hours per week


For each task, figure out how many minutes, hours, and FTEs are needed per week.

Example 1: Discharge Analysis – 280 discharges per week, 15 minutes per chart
280 x 15 = 4200 minutes, divided by 60 minutes per hour = 70 hours per week for the discharge analysis function
70 hours per week divided by 35 hours per employee productive time = 2 FTEs

Example 2: Loose Sheet Filing – 550 pieces of filing, 3 minutes per chart
550 x 3 = 1650 minutes, divided by 60 minutes per hour = 27.5 hours
27.5 hours per week divided by 35 hours = .79 FTEs

Your Turn!Loose Filing:1900 pieces of filing per weekYour standard is to file each piece in 1.5 minutesHow many minutes does it take to file all 1900 pieces?How many hours per week does it take to complete the filing?How many FTEs do you need to perform this function?

Transcription:Your clinic averages 23,200 lines of transcription dictated per week.Your standard is that a transcriptionist should be able to average 150 lines per hour.How many hours per week does it take to complete the transcription?How many FTEs do you need?


 Loose Filing1900 x 1.5 = 2850 minutes2850/60 = 47.5 hours47.5/35 = 1.36 FTEs

Transcription23,200/150 = 154.7 hours154.7/35 = 4.42 FTEs  

This is an assignment, I need a cover page and the assignment should be one page.


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