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Some of the strategies involving others that can be used to plan organizational change include creating a sense of urgency about the need for change, leading a group of individuals with ambition for the change, creating and communicating a strong vision, and anchoring the changing in the corporate culture (Russell, 2013).  Sometimes companies need to change the direction of their goals; for instance, maybe the funding for the organization has changed and managers are required to take the organization into a new direction.  Whenever there is a change, several initiatives need to be taken in order for employees to take action and do their part to make the goal happen.  Often times it can be difficult for employees to get along smoothly with organizational change.  It is important to incorporate the need for change by communicating the vision for the change and the strategy for executing that change.  Managers need to clearly define the new company goals and how that is going to happen so employees understand how their efforts will be utilized.  Once the vision is clear, this needs to be clearly communicated throughout management gaining support from all relevant department leaders.  Managers and leaders must lead their teams in the direction of the organization’s goals in order to effectively keep employees on target.  The leaders must stay on goal, building the change continuously, focusing on short term goals in order to motivate employees, and demonstrate such behavior by their actions and words (Russell, 2013).  Leaders can not stray from the new target goals, because the employees may see this and company direction could be confusing or counterproductive.

Russell, J. E. A.  (2013, December 1).  How to create change in the workplace.  The Washington Post.  Retrieved from

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