Kapoor and Sons Film Discussion Questions

watch the film and answer the question. Just write the question number and answer. Each question should be 2-4 Sentences .

Writer about 2 pages or 2.5

Kapoor and Sons Film Discussion Questions

Who is the producer of this film? What kind of films is this production house famous for?

Who all comprise the members of Kapoor family?

How does Grandpa Kapoor spend his time at this stage of life?

What is his attitude towards the family?

What are the characteristics of the two sons/ grandsons – Rahul and Arjun in the film Kapoor & Sons? What emerges as the good son vs the bad son?

In what ways do Hindu views of the family differ from the western one?

 What is special in the relationship between Mother and Sons?

What is the significant characteristic in the relationship between Brother and Brother?

One Kapoor Brother says, “I apologize for the lying, but I won’t apologize for who I am.” How is Queerness dealt with in this family representing the middle class in India? How will you compare it with the Western society?

Kapoor & Sons is the story of a dysfunctional family. Yes/ No. If yes, why?

If no, why? Give examples.

What stood out for you in this film? What did you learn?

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