Knightly Style in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

Here are the questions I need answered in the essay: Chaucer’s Knight is notorious for his use of occupatio. This is a narrative device used by storytellers when they claim not to have time to narrate what they are actually in the process of narrating. Look at lines 875-85 of the Knight’s Tale. What does the Knight tell us here? How? What does he fail to tell us? How? How does the Knight’s style shape your understanding of the Knight as a story-teller and/or of the subtextual significance of his story?

These are the requirements: Please use Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Follow MLA citation and formatting standards. Use active verbs and stick to a critical perspective. The essay should include between 1200 and 2000 words, excluding heading information. Don’t plagiarize!

This assignment requires close critical reading and original analysis. Please focus narrowly on one or two short passages or repeated patterns (8-22 lines total) from Canterbury Tales selections. The paper must have an original thesis that makes a claim about the significance of the passage. This is only a 4-6-page paper, so focus to make a small, detailed, well-supported argument.

Do not use outside sources. Do not try to summarize the meaning of the entire work in your paper. Avoid needless summary, in general.

What is imperative is that you present an analytic thesis and use close reading as your approach in demonstrating the thesis. This means you must support your thesis with an interpretation of the lines you choose based on careful, detailed, word-by-word attention to diction. Please integrate your quotations and analyze them thoroughly and slowly. Both form and content should inform your reading. Do not dwell on the obvious; please dwell on the ambiguous instead. Your essay should explicate your interpretation by offering direct and sustained analysis of details such as word choice, denotation, connotation, syntax, rhyme, tone, etc.

Avoid focus on authorial intention at all cost. The role of the author in medieval literature is very tricky. So just focus on the texts themselves—or maybe the fictional narrators— as the agents that make meaning.

To do this essay, a copy of The Canterbury Tales is needed. I’m sorry this is so much, I copied and pasted the requirements from my professor. Thank you in advance!!

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