Leadership and Ethics :250 words


Leadership and Ethics (250 words)

Using the articles from this week’s readings, discuss the ethical concerns of leaders in the twenty-first century.

Use the University Library to complete the following: Read Marcy, Gentry, and McKinnon’s 2008 article, “Thinking Straight: New Strategies Needed for Ethical Leadership,” from Leadership in Action, volume 28, issue 3, pages 3–7. Read Avolio’s 2007 article, “Promoting More Integrative Strategies for Leadership Theory-Building,” from American Psychologist, volume 62, issue 1, pages 25–33. Read Stephenson’s 2007 article, “The ‘Permanent Things’ and the Role of the Moral Imagination in Organizational Life: Revisiting the Foundations of Public and Nonprofit Leadership,” from Administrative Theory & Praxis, volume 29, issue 2, pages 260–277. Read Walker’s 2011 article, “A Way to Think About Public-Sector Leadership,” from Policy & Practice, volume 69, issue 2, 6–7.

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