Leadership Assessment

Part 1: Determining Your Leadership Goals

Short answer 3-4 sentences

1- What leadership roles would you like to play in the future (at your organization or in your career overall)?

2- What are your short-term and long-term leadership improvement goals?

3- What new skill do you want to work on first, second, third, etc.?

4-What barriers do you anticipate having to overcome to reach your improvement goals?

5- How long do you think it will take you to achieve your goals?

6- How will you know you are succeeding in the achievement of your goals? Be specific.

7- How will you obtain feedback concerning your achievement of your goals? Be specific.

Part 2: Developing a Plan to Achieve Goals

Use the following gird to help you plan and track your goal achievement.

Improvement Goal Action Steps to Achieve Goal Deadline Method to Measure Success

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