Leadership by Example – Toto Wolf

The leader that I selected is Toto Wolff. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toto_Wolff) – This PERSON!!!!

This assignment requires each student to select a recognized leader and consider the effect the individual has on other people, organizations and society. The purpose of this assignment is for each student to demonstrate and inform on an understanding of the values, strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and behaviors of the selected individual, and to cast that understanding in a broader context. As such, it may be helpful to start by considering questions such as “What is interesting about this leader?” “What are two or three of the most difficult challenges that the leader has faced or faces?” “Why are these factors important and in what context are they relevant?” But the assignment must also move beyond the surface and get to the core of why that person does the things he or she does. This means researching and thinking-through questions including “What is the defining moment—the event early on in life that set the person on his or her course?”

An appropriate submission includes a written report of up to three (3) pages (plus a references/works cited page) and a minimum of five (5) definitive sources. The report is to cover an evidence-based examination of the individual and leadership in general. The report should also reflect the economic, political, and social challenges faced by the individual subject, associated organizations and their people. Overall, the report should include insights that are more about people and less about “things” and numbers. This report should include your analysis backed up by citations from our textbook, podcasts, articles and classroom discussions.

I provided some sources that you can use:






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