Learning Plan 3


Part 1 – 3 pgs
Part 2 – 1 pg

Now we’ve covered the first three habits; (1) Be Proactive, (2) Begin With The End In Mind, (3) Put First Things First, which taken together lead us to the Private Victory—the victory over self; the achievement of interdependence, self-determination and integrity. Independence is a great achievement, but we live in an interdependent reality. In the next lesson, we will concentrate on the Private Victory.


Part 1              EBP Private Victory Project            (3 pages)






General project notes:




·         This project should last about 20-25 minutes. You may complete this with a friend, a family member, or a fellow student.


·         Part 1 of this project is your journal explaining how you shared the information with your learning partner. Your journal should include:  topic introduction, information sharing on your topic and how it relates to the habits studied, plus some type of interactive activity. This is your choice of format.


·         Part 2 of this project is your evaluation of how this project went. Answer the questions on the evaluation form.




Project Premise:  ( I can take what is written and turn into a PP Presentation)




The lack of good work ethics is a common complaint among employers. As a student of the 7 Habits, your employer has recognized your growth and has asked you to share your good work ethics with other employees (your learning partner).




Your learning partner-Hypothetical may or may not have good work ethics, but the employer wants them to understand the correlation of good work habits to the private victory of the 7 Habits. Remember you must use an interactive activity as a part of this project; if you use an activity presented to you through the course, you must individualize it to make it unique and creative. Possible topics you might consider as part of good work ethics include:












Critical thinking


Problem solving


Organizational skills




Think About:




·         Your “normal” paradigm as it relates to school assignments.  Should it be changed to a more creative and professional one?


·         What is the best way to explain or communicate your message?


·         What are the most important concepts/ideas to communicate?


·         How might your ideas be applied on the job?


·         How would you present your ideas in an informative, useful and interactive manner?


·         If you were a new hire, how would you apply what you’ve learned about the Seven Habits on the job?

Part 2              EBP-DE Evaluation Questions        (1 page)




Learning Partner(s): (List names and relationship to you—“Hypothetical” friend, spouse, co-worker, etc.)           




Please answer the following questions fully. Each answer should be a minimum of 25 words in length.




1.      How did you prepare to teach this material? Be sure to include an explanation of the interactive activity that was used. (Looking for concrete actions here: how and why you made your teaching decisions, a full description of the interactive activity, what up-front preparation was required?)


2.      How did this project contribute to your learning? How did you contribute to the success of your learning partner?  (Looking for abstract here – ideas, etc. reaction of learning partner, attitudes shown by both of you)




3.      Evaluate yourself against the core abilities expected of all graduates.  




The core abilities expected of all graduates that will be addressed in this course include:

 Demonstrate adaptation to change. Use critical and creative thinking to solve problems, resolve conflicts, make decisions and complete tasks. Work cooperatively in a team environment. Communicate in ways that honor diversity. Demonstrate personal integrity through ethical and responsible behaviors.




4.      In future group projects, how will you use the four human endowments (self-awareness, imagination, conscience, and independent will) to improve your performance? Be specific.




5.      Self-evaluation: With your learning partner, discuss what was learned. If they could grade you on this project, what grade would they assign? Assign yourself points for this project up to a total of 20 points. Provide rationale to justify these points.

Questions won’t be needed on paper just Question#


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