Literature Review (R)

Hello Harry,

How are you buddy? This is to continue our work together and we are seeking in this part to do (The questionnaire +CH 1+ CH 2)

We have 3 weeks to work on them. From today until the 26th of this month.

We need between 35 – 40 pages in total.

You can use what you wrote in the proposal to include them in these 2 chapters.

Chapter 1 will be around (4-6) pages.

The issue here is with Ch2 !!!!

We will do them as follows:

1- I need the questionnaire and CH 1 during the first week and send them to me. The range of questions in the questionnaire that I think is suitable is between 15-30 questions.

2- Keep working with chapter 2, once we reach the time for submission that is FEB 26th; send what you have written to me even if you did not reach the number of pages with CH2. However, please I need at least 18-20 pages with chapter 2. In addition, they must be looked full ready. Use the literature review that you wrote in the proposal to reduce the amount of work.

3- let’s say for example that you wrote 25 pages during these 3 weeks, after that, you will have another 3 weeks to continue working for the rest 15 pages, to reach the total pages of 35-40 pages.

4- Use the Template that I will send to you to do the work, be advised, it is ready in format, you just write on it. I will send another file regarding the formatting for your reference.

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