logic and critical thinking

The written assignment: Here is an anonymous statement of opinion that appeared in a newspaper call-in column: "This is in response to the person who called in that we should provide a shelter for the homeless, because they have nothing to lose by robbing, mugging, etc. The young boy killed by the horseshoe pits was attacked by some of these bums, assuming that witnesses really saw people who were homeless, which no doubt they did, since the so-called homeless all wear that old worn-out hippie gear, just like the people they saw. They also lower property values. And don't tell me they are down and out because they can't find work. The work is there if they look for it. They choose for themselves how to live, since if they didn't choose, who did?" The case in that paragraph is a statement of opinion, but the assignment does NOT call for your opinion in response. The assignment calls for you to work with the skills of Deductive Week and prior weeks of our course; specifically, the use of syllogism and spotting fallacies.

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