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Company Name: J.M. Design and Construction; Company Address: 75 Birch lane, Shelburne, N.H. 03588; Company Phone: (603) 555-2597

Company Expertise: Architecture/Design and Residential Construction

Assume you are the president of a construction general contractor and you intend to promote your company and attract clients. You intend to prepare a marketing and prequalification package that, at a minimum, contains the following:

  1. A one-page introductory letter on a professionally-developed letterhead that you have designed for your company. The above-referenced introductory letter properly introduces your firm, provides adequate contact information, identifies your company’s areas of expertise, summarizes its past experience in performing as a general contractor, and provides other relevant and necessary information to describe why owner firms / clients should hire your firm for their construction projects. The letter is meant to function as a prequalification statement written in narrative form that describes why you believe your firm is a qualified general contractor.
  2. A list of at least five potential qualifying questions that you would like to receive from owner firms / prospective clients. This list is not intended to be comprehensive (al-inclusive) but it is meant to be a complete list (i.e., properly satisfies the objectives) that demonstrates the merits of your company in a reasonable and an appropriate manner. By properly responding to these questions, prepare a two-page document that provides insight about your firm. Out of these five questions, a minimum of three questions are not covered by the content of the introductory letter referenced above.

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