make a video

For this assignment, you will be creating and acting out a physical/slapstick comedy short sketch based on one of the short routines that you have seen in the videos in this module.


1. Choose a short routine from one of the videos that you think is funny and that you feel you can recreate in the comfort of your home.

2. Watch the video section of the sketch multiple times so you can catch all the nuances and details of how the comedian pulls it off. Make sure to notice facial expressions and exactly what they are doing with their body movement.

3. Write down the steps to perform it. Add in your own creative touches. Gather together any props, furniture, etc. that you will need. You can also use others in your household to help you with it.

4. Record it into Canvas. Here’s how:

Here’s How to Record and Upload a Video directly into this Canvas assignment:

You can record your video directly into Canvas so you don’t have to transfer files. This method will also make it easier for the Instructor to view. Here’s how:

1. Pull up this assignment page in Canvas. (You are already here if you are reading this!) You can do this on your cell phone, an IPad, or a computer that has a video camera, etc.

2. Click on the “Submit Assignment” Blue Box in the upper right corner.

3. Scroll down to the bottom–next to “File Upload” you will see a “Media” box. Click on that. Set up the camera you are using (or phone, Ipad, computer, etc.) so that it will have a good view of your comedy routine.

4. Click on “record/upload” when you are ready to start recording (it will give you a 3-2-1 countdown).

5. Record your fantastic physical comedy bit!! Click on “finish” when you are done. Hit “Save.”

6. It will take you back to the original box, click on “submit.” You are done!!

For this assignment, I would like you to comment on EACH of the 5 short videos you watched. Here are your prompts for EACH video:

1. Give a short explanation of what the video was about.

2. Tell me one thing you learned that was new to you.

3. What made you laugh? If you didn’t laugh, what did you at least find funny or humorous?

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