Management information system

For this paper, you are acting an MIS intern for your company you identified at the beginning of the semester. Based on what you’ve learned through the first 12 chapters, you have been asked to submit a proposal to your pseudo company management (me) on the need to invest in an appropriate information system to replace the manual processes the company employs today. The paper will have a 1 page executive summary with 5 pages of supporting information listing the issues today and the benefits of implementing a real information system. The paper should be 12 Point Times New Roman and double spaced with 1 inch margins. In simplest form, I want a paper that shows you understand want a modern information system can bring to your organization. You don’t have to have something from every chapter. You can choose to focus on a few specific areas. You can reference other materials besides our text, just provide the appropriate reference.

My company is (Walmart).

and here are the topics we have coverd in class

1. Globaliziation impact, and business impact

2. Organization

3. I S strategy

4. Ethical and soical issue related to information system

5. Infrastructure

6. Databases

7. Networking

8. Securing information system

9. ERP

10. Knowledge management

11. Decision making

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