Management Paper


Read chapters 1-6 in Hitt, M.; Ireland, R.; Hoskisson, Robert E. Strategic Management:
Competitiveness News and Globalization, Concepts and Cases, 13th edition.
Mason, OH: South-Wester

Read and/or review the assigned chapters in the text. Also, be sure to review the
rubric that will be used for the reflection papers.
2. Write a reading reflection paper (4-5 pages for the body of the paper, double-
spaced) that addresses the following two areas:
a. First select three key concepts from the assigned chapters that you plan to
retain and apply now or at some point in your career
b. Second explain how you can apply each of these three concepts to your
current workplace challenges/responsibilities or other career goals.
3. Keep the structure simple by using the following five sections in your paper.
a. Introduction
b. ?Concept One: …..?
c. ?Concept Two: …..?
d. ?Concept Three: …..?
e. Conclusion(s)

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