Management Writing Assignment

Please think of your favorite leader (or, if you do not have a favorite leader, any favorite leader or a comic figure, etc.) and answer all of the following questions. Try not to exceed a total of three to four pagesfor your responses (that is, approximately one page answer per question). Use your own words to answer the question and summarize your answer in a writing assignment (Times New Roman 12).  

Please familiarize yourself with the process of turning in assignments via the Turnitin submission page BEFORE the end of this deadline. Again, late assignments will not be accepted. This is an individual assignment and you should not complete this assignment in teams. In order to obtain full points, please answer ALL of the following questions. (Your grammar and writing style will account for approx. 30% of the grade.) 

Please proofread your responses to ALL questions carefully. If sentences are not clear they will not be evaluated.  

A. What traits (that is, what attributes and characteristics), does the leader possess that you think make this leader effective?  How would you describe this leaders’ personality? 

B. Which skills does the leader demonstrate (try to apply Katz’ model to explain his or her leadership)?

C. Which styles do you perceive the leader used? Was he or she a more task- or relationship oriented leader, and which examples do you derive this from?

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