Marketing Assignment about 3 different questions.

Please look at the questions mentioned below, and answer all of them critically and professionally. All of them requires critical thinking and writing skills about Marketing. “Do not do any outside research”. Use the tools I’ve uploaded here.

Q1. Look at this commercial for the no-longer-produced Hummer: After viewing the commercial, answer this question:

a. Explain the importance of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to marketers.

b. Now, explain which levels of Maslow this commercial illustrates. Support your
answer from what you saw and heard in the commercial.

Q2. Please look at the ad for the GoPro. A GoPro is a small camera that is has a rugged
outside frame that is waterproof and very, very sturdy. Go Pros have become popular
because the GoPro can be attached to an extension pole or a headband or a car or many
other objects to get pictures and videos from a perspective that is impossible with normal
sized cameras. After looking at the ad, please do the following:

a) Evaluate whether you think this GoPro ad is effective. In your analysis, use your
understanding of the principles of perceptions and the language of design to make
the strongest case you can for your evaluation.

b) Using GoPro as your product, describe what you think the consumer decision
making process would be for someone purchasing a GoPro. In your answer
demonstrate how a consumer’s level of involvement and System1/System 2 that
operate in the human mind also influence decision making.

Q3. Please read the Wall Street Journal article titled, “Forget Gold, The Gourmet Cupcake
Market is Crashing.” After reading the article, please do the following: Write a memo to
Julian Geiger, president and CEO of Crumbs. In your memo (and I do mean write a memo
but do not put your name on the memo):

a) Explain what stage of the product life cycle you think free-standing cupcake
stores are in; use evidence from the article to support your understanding. In your
answer explain why the product life cycle is so important for a CEO like Julian Geiger
to understand.

b) Hindsight has 20-20 vision. From a marketing viewpoint, explain why Crumbs
failed and what marketing actions Crumbs might have done differently to prevent
their collapse.

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